Bell Satellite TV drops HDNet

In the information section of its Electronic Program Guide Bell Satellite TV (BSTV) is telling customers that, effective December 7th, it will no longer offer HDNet.

Bell has not given any reason for dropping the popular high definition channel, however, HDNet representatives tell Digital Home readers the decision came after Bell told the station that it would be moving HDNet to a less desirable theme pack, a move the station did not want.

The U.S. general interest television channel which has been broadcasting exclusively in high-definition since 2001 is still available in Canada on Bell’s major competitors such as Rogers Cable and Shaw Direct.

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39 Responses to “Bell Satellite TV drops HDNet”
  1. Too Much says:

    HDNET is one of my favourites too!

    I especially like Movie nights and the concerts…

    The way the packages are put together by Bell you have to get a bunch of channels you don’t really want to get one you do. Also, why do you have to get the same channel twice in order to get the HD version?
    Not that Bell is alone in this?

    I might have to give serious consideration to another option when our contract is up in a few short months.

  2. Sandy says:

    Talked to MA. Say “could not come to agreement with HDNET”.
    Was offered 30% off Movie Channels 4 3 months. Took the offer. Then canceled my Super Movie Channels 4 a savings od 16 dollars a month ,plus tax.

    People—Call and complain !!!
    They should at least replace with VH1 so concerts and bands r still available.
    We Canadians r too complacent !

  3. `dave mcc says:

    i called bell to tell them i was cancelling my service because bell was dropping hdnet. customer retention called me 2 days later offered me 20 dollars off my monthly bill for a year if i stayed, at the time i said yes.. but upon further thought my answer is NO. hdnet is the only channel that offers k1 and mma from japan, plus their concerts are great.. so its bye bye bell the day that bell drops hdnet.

  4. Mikey says:

    I have written to Bell to advise that I expect a monthly reduction in my invoice or one additional hd service. Failing that I intend to cancel satellite, Internet home phone and 4 cell data accounts. No response yet nor is one anticipated. While I only spend about $375 per month with Bell, Rogers will likely end up taking all my business.

  5. claude says:

    The reliability of the recorder-receptor is at best below par.
    Looks like service call is back in Canada from somewhere in the 3r world.
    That move will for a certain time keep me with Bell…good move and keep t that way!

  6. Don M says:

    Understand that as of Dec. 07, 2010 HDNet will no longer be offered via Bell net. Bell responded by saying “there is not enough viewership for the channel, therefore it is being withdrawnas per HDNet”. Not true, there is a strong viewship for this channel and a strong loyality, HDNet please reconsider your decision