Jays fans angry over launch of Rogers SportsNet One

Many Toronto Blue Jays fans across the country are angry over a recent decision by Rogers Media to move twenty five Blue Jays games from existing Sportsnet stations and show them exclusively on Rogers new Sportsnet One station which launches tomorrow.

By moving the Blue Jays games from the four existing Sportsnet stations to Sportsnet One, Rogers is trying to force Canadian broadcast distributors and Blue Jays fans to subscribe to yet another Rogers digital specialty station.

Digital Home readers angry over the way Rogers is trying to ram yet another station down their throats are asking “Do Canadians really need to pay for five Rogers Sportsnet station to watch Blue Jays games?” By spreading Blue Jays games over multiple stations, Rogers is forcing consumers to spend millions more each month to watch the baseball games they were originally promised could be seen on existing Sportsnet stations.

Currently, the only broadcast distributor carrying Sportsnet One is Rogers Cable. If you are Bell TV, Shaw Cable, Shaw Direct, Eastlink or Cogeco customer, you cannot watch Sportsnet One and therefore can forget about watching the Blue Jays play the Los Angeles Angels tomorrow night at 9pm ET.

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265 Responses to “Jays fans angry over launch of Rogers SportsNet One”
  1. Kasson Bullock says:

    I agree with everything these people have said. This entire Sportsnet one deal is unfair and devilishly planned. You guys advertise how in a way that makes you sound like you care about the fans and the teams, but the bottom line is you care about money. Thats it, Money! I am a Calgary Flames fan. You decided to take away all PPV games and make it sound like its a good thing cause now we don’t have to pay for PPV. The problem is, at least with pay per view, I could order and watch the game. Living in Alberta I can’t even order sportsnet one… not that I would pay for another dumb sports net package!! There is no way anyone one in alberta can watch SNone cause rogers doesn’t have TV here! So what good is 25 blue jays, 20 Flames, 20 oilers, and tons of rapters games if the fans here can’t even watch it??? Even if we could, why charge more for something we already pay for? What are you going to play on the regular sports net channels now…. More Bowling? More Fishing? or of course More Darts?!!!

  2. The Big Cat says:

    This move by Rogers is the last straw and I am canncelling all sportsnet channels immediately. I wont give rogers another %!@#!?% dime. Talk about losing touch with your customers. God luck making things work in old Toronto. The citizens of region should be ashamed of themselves for the lack of support they have given the bluejays. The real jays fans don’t live in toronto and its asham the team doesn’t relocate out west. Bring to regina and we’ll sell the place out every night.

  3. garth greenaway says:

    your greed is incredible!!!!!!!!!!! my beloved blue jays have been taken from me . and i will not pay an extra dime to line the pockets of the money hungry bastards that you are, you have only hurt yourselves with this stupid plan, we are rural cutomers on the dish, but given the choice we will delete any rogers programming, and advise our carrier to do the same, we luv you blue jays but your owners are sending you to the USA ./

  4. Stephanie Strong says:

    I am so angry with sportsnet by being greedy and having the jays games on sportsnet one. My husband has been a blue jays fan since the opening April 1977. Going to all the games. When we got transferred out west we have faithfully watched EVERY televised game . Noe being retired we enjoyed all the games then STUPID sportsnet ONE comes in. I am glad it is down 94%. what are you trying to prove? My husband was in the hospital this summer for 41days and because of sportsnet one he missed a lot of games. You advertise to watch it for free, what a bunch of CROCK ,our provider TELUS says they can’t get it,I wonder why , greed perhaps ? We have one professional ball team in Canada and you prevent us from watching. We have even gone back once a year to Toronto to visit and take in a game , probably not anymore . Plus this week you have prevented us to see four games in a row. That is disgusting
    Stephanie & Dave Strong

  5. Stephanie Strong. Calgary AB says:

    Rogers, when will you learn ? Very disappointed

  6. Joe Lamorie says:

    Rogers, I’m very disappointed and angry at you moving the Jays games over to Sportsnet One. I recently purchased the Cogeco Sports package with the intention of watching them on the advertised SN Ontario channel.Now they’re gone to some thing I can’t even receive, namely SN One. What a bunch of greedy scammers.