Jays audience on Sportsnet One down 94%

According to BBM Canada Audience figures, a minuscule 31,000 Canadians watched the Toronto Blue Jays play the Los Angeles Angels on Rogers new Sportsnet One television station this past weekend.

That number was 94% lower than the more than 480,000 Canadians who tuned into the Jays versus Angels games on existing Sportsnet regional stations on Friday and Sunday.

The decision by Rogers Media to move the Jays game from Sportsnet regional stations, which are offered by virtually every cable and satellite television provider across the country, to Sportsnet One, which is only available to Rogers Cable customers, has led to a storm of controversy among Jays fans across the country.

Digital Home readers by the thousands have expressed their outrage on our site and in emails, complaining that Rogers move to put games on SportsNet One is simply a heavy handed approach that is attempting to force Canadians to shell out millions more each month without offering any substantive new content.

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20 Responses to “Jays audience on Sportsnet One down 94%”
  1. Bmac says:

    I tried the CRTC and the Canadian broadcast standards council,they both say they won’t help.It looks like the only option left to us consumers is to boycott rogers and their sponsors.I have been emailing all the sponsors I can find.If everyone who is upset with this starts targeting the advertisers,rogers will have to take notice.I hope no one plans on picking up this channel.This country seriously needs a consumer group that can be counted on to stop rogers from holding sports for ransom.

    • SW says:

      I cannot believe the sponsors or the Blue Jays organization are ok with Rogers withholding its games from at least three quarters of regular Blue Jay TV viewers. I hope Rogers is giving its sponsors a break, because the fans are certainly getting taken again!!

      I agree that the only way to stop networks from continually doing this is to refuse to subscribe to these channels

  2. angry says:

    Down 94 % EH nice job boys

  3. Chris says:

    I’ve read in a few places that Rogers claims it offered the feed to the new channel free to all the other cable companies… and no one took the offer. Likely because Rogers is hoping to get viewers hooked on the channel – and shake down the other companies for a lot of money. The other companies are in a power struggle with them – with their only leverage being not to show the channel. Meanwhile, as always the consumer loses.

    It’s time for the CRTC and every single regulation in this country to go. We should have multiple cable companies in every market. No content restricitions either or Canadian content rules.

  4. Greg says:

    Its simple; just buoy cot the channel and Rogers all together. I am with Bell after being with Rogers for years and as soon as my cell contract is up with Rogers I am cutting that off also. I will not give in to pay per view Jay games as much as I love the team and I hope Rogers suffers dearly for taking the GREED approach which Canadians are sick of and are not going to take it anymore

  5. ks says:

    Just like Leafs TV, I have chose to ignore this blatent abuse of my sports dollar. It’s not worth it, why have 4 channels then if you need a 5th? good grief. Who’s going to watch the jays in September, 20 some games are on it

  6. notsohappy says:

    I was hoping to catch some Blue Jays action tonight but have further learned of this move. It just boils me to no end and we end up suffering. It gives me more reasons to stay away from Rogers, holding us from watching the only Canadian Major League team.

  7. Colin says:

    Isn’t there something legal that can be done about this? Bait-and-switch, breach of contract (for not providing the programming one signed up for), something?

    Even if it isn’t illegal, it sure sounds immoral, especially with the misleading advertising they are putting in the newspapers.

    Personally, I’d get rid of all the sports channels (including Golf and Fishing), but I don’t have that choice, it’s included in the bundles. Besides, my mother wants to see the Jays. I dont’ even have the option to pay extra to get them on normal TV.

    There might be an option to get the games on higher-end cell phones, but I’m certainly not getting a Rogers phone for it! Bell has some phones that *might* work, if they can be connected with WIFI (to keep the phone bill down)l

  8. Alison says:

    I totally agree with all the replies on here. I am a Rogers customer but yet I am afraid I will have to pay of this new channel as well. I love the Jays Never miss a game but now I guess I will bite the bullet and miss more if they move all the games to Sportsnet -1. TSN did the same thing they opened up TSN2 but its not an extra pay channel. I love that cause I got to watch the mens tennis final the other night after rained postponed it. But back to Baseball, they are doing this because the Rogers center is empty most of the time. Maybe if the Jays made it to the play offs instead of being a sub 500 team this may not have happened. I will try not to subcribe to this extra channel, but I will miss watching them, but I guess there’s always fan 590 radio its free….