iPad now shipping within 24 hours

The mad rush for Apple iPads appears to have finally subsided as wait times for one of this year’s hottest consumer electronic devices has virtually vanished.

The Apple online stores in Canada and the United States are now saying they will ship all versions of the tablet device within 24 hours of ordering, down from as much as two weeks when the product first came out.

The iPad was released on April 3rd in the United States and sold 300,000 units on its first day of sales. It took just 28 days for iPad sales to reach the one million mark; just under 60 days to reach the two million milestone and 80 days to reach the three million mark.

It has now been almost 70 days since iPad sales reached the three million mark. Since that time, Apple has not updated sales figures suggesting a significant drop-off in sales.

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2 Responses to “iPad now shipping within 24 hours”
  1. Jason Bonham says:

    Congratulations to Apple for finally saturating the market with their magical device.

    I’m not being sarcastic, I love it! I’m just glad that supply caught up with demand.

  2. KCLP says:

    iPad and Maxi-Pad, must have items in bathrooms.