Chrome Web browser usage climbs for 20th straight month

The Google Chrome web browser gained market share for the twentieth month in a row according to recent figures published by NetMarketshare.

Total worldwide usage in June 2010 for Chrome was 7.24%, up 0.2% of global from May and more than triple the 2.4% recorded in the same month of 2009.

Internet Explorer remained the browser of choice worldwide with a 60.32% share, however, that figure was down significantly from 68.32% in June 2009 and over 75% in June 2008. Firefox was the second most popular browser in June with a 23.81% share, down 0.51% from May and down almost a full percentage point from its peak in November 2009.

Global Web Browser Share June 2010 - Netmarketshare

According to NetMarketShare, Chrome has gained market share in each of the last twenty months and is now the world’s third most popular web browsing software.

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In June 2010, Safari was the fourth most popular browser with a 4.85% market share followed by Opera in ffith spot at 2.27%. The top five browsers now account for 98.4% of all browser usage.

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2 Responses to “Chrome Web browser usage climbs for 20th straight month”
  1. Recon says:

    Got to say love Chrome, used Firefox and had good results, but the last 8 months nothing but problems with it. Switched to Chrome and love it!!!!!!

    • peter says:

      I found it interesting to note the IE gained marketshare.

      I use 4 different browsers, with IE being my goto browser. I think all 4 have their strengths and weaknesses and the reality of it is that all do the same job for the majority of everyday use.