Over 211 million televisions sold in 2009

Global television sales were up 2% in 2009 to 211 million units according to the latest figures from DisplaySearch. Flat panel TV technologies like LCD enjoyed even better growth with sales up 34% from 2008.

Unit sales of televisions in the final quarter of 2009 showed even stronger year-over-year unit growth, rising 17% when compared with the final quarter of 2008, with LCD TV unit sales climbing 50% in October to December time period.

“The better-than-expected 2009 results clearly demonstrate that consumers still have a strong desire to purchase flat panel TVs” noted Paul Gagnon, Director of North America TV Market Research for DisplaySearch.

Almost three-quarters of the 67.8 million televisions sold in the fourth quarter were LED. (See table 1 below)

Among the brand leaders, Samsung achieved their highest revenue share ever in the fourth quarter reaching a record 23.6% of global TV revenues. Samsung has been number one in both TV units and revenues worldwide every quarter for more than three years now, achieving a 22.6% share of 2009 full year TV revenues.

LGE was the number two brand worldwide in TV shipment revenues and demonstrated the strongest annual growth among the top five brands, an indicator of the aggressive market share growth campaign the brand undertook in 2009. The result is that LGE improved their total 2009 TV revenue share by a full 2 percentage points to 13.2%, a larger increase than any other brand in 2009. LGE’s fourth quarter revenue share rose slightly, to 13.0%.

Sony was #3 in global TV revenues during fourth quarter at 11.5%, up sharply from 9.9% in fourth quarter, as sales for Sony surged during the holidays, typically a strong quarter for the company. Sony had the largest quarter over quarter shipment growth among the top five in the fourth quarter. However, Sony’s full year 2009 total TV revenue share was down almost 2 percentage points from 2008, to 11.5%, and is at the lowest level since 2005 when it last led the overall TV market. Much of Sony’s share loss went to the two surging Korean brands that aggressively targeted growth in 2009.

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