Bell TV update for 9242 HD PVR fixes IR interference bug

bell_9242_remote_accessBell TV this week began rolling out new firmware – version 185 – for the company’s popular 9242 dual tuner HD PVR which the company says fixes the problem of IR interference from other devices.

Select HD PVR owners began receiving the update automatically on Wednesday and all 9242 users should receive it by the end of this weekend.

The problem of IR interference first began two weeks ago when Bell TV released firmware version 184 (V184).

After V184 was released, Bell TV 9242 owners began complaining that their HD PVR was exhibiting strange behaviour such as randomly changing channels, the PVR recording shows on its own and much more.

Bell support staff originally attributed the problem to an ambient light sensor technology used in Sony LCD televisions that was causing the HD PVR to think remote controls keys were being pressed by the PVR owner; however, further investigation has found the problem arose with other makes of television.

Early reports from 9242 owners yesterday and today suggest the problem has been fixed but it won’t be known for sure until all HD PVRs have been updated.

In addition to fixing the problem of IR interference, firmware V185 also includes the following updates found in V184:

  • internet connectivity for ordering Pay-per-view (PPV) programs;
  • internet connectivity for remote access feature expected to launch around Feb 12th;
  • Support for external hard drives up to 1.5TB;
  • a grouping feature on the external drive that creates new folders when more than one episode of a show is archived;
  • a bug fix to help users that had difficulty accessing their external hard drives when they were almost full;
  • highlighting of name of favourites for easier identification;
  • a new Self Serve menu option that provides users with an on demand ordering option and a portal to various interactive applications;
  • and minor bug fixes.

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5 Responses to “Bell TV update for 9242 HD PVR fixes IR interference bug”
  1. Singled Out says:

    Feb 07/10

    My bell 9242 pvr is stuck in single mode and the #2 remote only activates the front led power and mode lights. The Bell customer service rep recommended a service call after exhausting all possible solutions. I am very suspicious of the timing of this failure following the V185 update.

    • Matrix76 says:

      My 9242 just got the V185 tonight and I too have the same problem with Remote #2 stuck on single mode. Tried everything, re-set etc, and no luck. This received was just installed as I have my original one changed out because, from what I now believe, were problems with V184. This is becoming a major problem. Any once having problems other than the TV #2 issue.

  2. scootermom says:

    My PVR keeps trying to reboot (sometimes have to unplug it to stop it). This has been happening since we got the upgrade. Bell suggests we need a new receiver, and it is not offering to replace it. I believe it is Bell’s problem since my receiver was fine before the update. I’m not very pleased with this response at all.

  3. Matrix76 says:

    Update: I resolved my problem. Turns out when I received the replacement receiver, TV1 was channel 7 & TV2 was channel 1 and are the default settings. What went wrong is I use a UHF remote with TV1, which was set to channel 1 on my old receiver and synced it to the receiver first and it locked the duel mode to both TV1 & TV2 together on channel 1. Resolve, I had to set TV2 remote to another channel other than channel 1 then default the receiver back to IR on TV1, finally reboot the system to reset everything. Once I cleared the conflict I was then able to reset the UHF back to TV1 as I now have TV2 on a different channel. To be honest I was struggling with what had happened and was only able to realize it when I got a notice on the screen that both remotes were on the same channel. Easy fix once that showed up.

  4. QX tech says:

    9242 installed march 16 2009, running one tv only, having issues on recording for about a month.
    Now Will not show live hd channels, but will show as it is being recorded, will not recorded two at same time. Shows Digital channels. Good Olympics are on, not to happy non HD.
    Thanks for the new software V184 Revision 906. Also the third world call centers, Ma Bell
    Looks like I will be phoning shaw/Telus?
    I have been installing sat systems since 1992