Industry Canada fails to shutdown Pirate Radio Station

pirate_radioIn early December, Digital Home broke the story of a 14 year old Ottawa teen that was operating a pirate radio station from inside his father’s strip club. Since that time, Industry Canada’s repeated attempts to shutdown the station have failed.

Although many will consider the operation of an illegal radio station as nothing more than a youthful act of rebellion, the reality is that operating an unlicensed radio station can be dangerous since it can possibly jam communications at surrounding airports, interfere with commercial radio signals, and even emit dangerous radiation to individuals near the transmitter.

According to the Radiocommunication Act, the operator of an illegal radio station is liable to a fine of up to five thousand dollars or imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year, or both. Fines of $250 per day may also be imposed.

Since their pirate radio station was discovered by authorities, Mr. Saadé and his son have played a cat and mouse game with Industry Canada by shutting down their station after Industry Canada has come a calling and starting it back up again after they leave.

The Saadé’s behavior is not surprising since rather than charging the individuals and confiscating their transmitting equipment, Industry Canada has simply asked them to stop. The federal agency told Digital Home only that it “could consider taking enforcement measures”.

To no one’s surprise, except perhaps to some bureaucrats at Industry Canada, Jayhead and his father started up their radio station again on Christmas Day and have been operating with impunity since that day.

Digital Home Canada’s subsequent inquiries to Industry Canada regarding situation and what actions Industry Canada is taking have not been answered.

Billing itself as MIX FM, the station can be heard in Ottawa at 91.9 FM.

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2 Responses to “Industry Canada fails to shutdown Pirate Radio Station”
  1. IceManKent says:

    Ohh, so THAT’s who MIX FM is.

    I say leave the kid alone.
    Good for him – I like the station.

    I wouldn’t fine him, but I would bend the rules to allow him to somehow formally apply/register his station to operate as a non for profit entity.

  2. name777 says:

    Kid must be fined and his father go to jail. Period.