Amazon Kindle DX now available in Canada

kindleDXThe Amazon Kindle DX, a larger version of company’s Kindle wireless ebook reader, is now available for shipment to customers in Canada.

Canadians can pre-order the Kindle DX with high-resolution 9.7-inch electronic ink display, built-in GSM wireless modem and wireless connectivity for $489 USD, plus import fees, beginning today.

Amazon said today it is making the larger DX ebook reader available for purchase in 100 countries with shipments beginning on January 19th.

The Kindle DX features 2.5 times the display area as the Kindle thanks to a 9.7 inch screen versus a 6 inch display for the Kindle. Additional features include Global wireless delivery of books and newspaper via Amazon Whispernet, built-in PDF reader, 3.3 GB of storage which can store as many as 3,500 books and periodicals, and a text to speech feature.

The Kindle is only available from Amazon in the United States and not available from Delivery time for the device after January 19th is expected to be about one week.

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Amazon Kindle DX now in Canada - $489 US plus import fees

Amazon Kindle DX now in Canada - $489 US plus import fees


3 Responses to “Amazon Kindle DX now available in Canada”
  1. Devini says:

    Now let’s see how long it takes for Sony to sell it’s Daily eReader in Canada.

  2. Eric says:

    Will wait to see if Apple launches a e-book capable tablet.