Is Dynamic Contrast Ratio meaningful?

Everyday thousands of people visit the Digital Forum looking for information about High definition television (HDTV) and every day we try and help our readers out by answering their frequently asked questions.

In this HDTV FAQ article we answer the question – Is Dynamic Contrast Ratio meaningful?


If you are out this holiday season looking for a camcorder, then you are going to come across the term AVCHD.

In this Digital Home HDTV FAQ article we answer the question – What is AVCHD?

Do-it-yourself SA8300HD PVR Expander

This article, from one of Digital Home’s most well regarded members, was written some time ago and recently updated, however, it is still the standard for explaining how you can quickly and cheaply add additional recording capacity to your SA 8300HD PVR.

Bell TV External Hard Drive FAQ

n the last several years, the amount of high definition programming on television has exploded but unfortunately the storage capacity of HD PVR’s has remained virtually unchanged.

To deal with the problem, companies like Bell TV have resorted to offering consumers the ability to connect an external hard drive (EHD) to their HD receivers.

Sirius XM announces New Year’s Eve Specials

Sirius XM has announced it’s line-up of special New Year’s Eve programming.

The list includes live concert broadcasts from across the country, a vintage Springsteen concerts, a live broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera’s New Year’s Eve Gala, and hangover tips from Doctor Radio.

Internet Users spend an average of 13 hours a week online

A new Harris Poll finds that adult Internet users in the United States are now spending an average of 13 hours a week online according to a recent poll by Harris Interactive.

Of course, people’s usage varies greatly; one in five (20%) of adult Internet users are online for only two hours or less a week while one in seven (14%) are spending 24 or more hours a week online.

One in five U.S. homes has no landline phone

In the second quarter of 2009, over one in five U.S. households (21%) reported they are wireless cellular only—an increase of 16% from the past year according to a recent report from Nielsen.

The Nielsen Convergence Report, which surveyed more than 32,000 U.S. online and mail respondents, also found that 88% of all U.S. households now have a wireless phone with the majority maintaining a traditional landline at home.

Next gen GPS Devices expected to add Over-the-Air mobile TV

Siano Mobile Silicon announced this week that the world’s largest Personal Navigation Device (PND) makers, Garmin, Mio, Navigon and others – have integrated its Mobile Digital Television (MDTV) receiver chips into their latest consumer GPS products.

By integrating a mobile TV chip, GPS devices could also be used to watch over-the-air television while travelling.

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